Headless Commerce: Scaling your business worldwide with Shopify Plus – Tag 23 bei Merchant Inspiration Live

You may have recently heard a lot of excitement about headless e-commerce, and even have an idea of what it is and what it requires. But do you know whether a Headless store would be right for you? Here we will discuss both what Headless architecture is and how to decide whether it is a wise move for your business.

When scaling internationally you don’t want to be held back by your platform. By building a headless Shopify platform we enable our clients to easily create a multi-language, high performance and SEO optimised webshop on Shopify Plus. What is headless e-commerce? Why should I as a merchant care? What are the advantages of headless e-commerce? And what are its trade-offs? During this talk we will do a deep dive into this topic.

We are very excited to have Martijn from Ask Phill with us to share his knowledge and experience. Ask Phill is an award-winning Shopify Plus agency, specialised in e-commerce design and development. They collaborate with brands in the fashion, lifestyle and beauty industries to successfully build their e-commerce business worldwide.

You missed the webinar? Rewatch it here:


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